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Tracknact provides live monitoring of real-time quality metrics and analytics for your valuable goods, whether at an onsite facility or in transit through the supply chain!

Produce Quality Management

Produce Quality Management

Secure the revenue of your hard work by having visibility on how your partners are handling your produce.

Logistics Visbility

Logistics Visbility

Make sure your precious goods are handled how you expect them to be and collect the evidence along the way.

Fridge Monitoring

Fridge Monitoring

Know that your stock is kept safe in your fridge(s) without having to think about it.


Our platform supports the best of breed data logger brands so that our customers can always benefit from the latest innovations at the best prices.

Save time

  • Easily collect evidence of handling and transit conditions while you’re working.
  • Automate reports for regulatory purposes (QCPP/HACCP).
  • Automate capture of environmental parameters yourself, don’t wait for others.
  • Get straight to the point if a dispute arises – your dashboard has the evidence.

Real-time responsiveness

  • Act fast when your stock is at risk.
  • Proactively manage the supply chain as it happens.
  • Redirect your stock before it goes off.
  • Adjust parameters to improve product quality at delivery.

At scale

  • Are you running 5 pharmacies? 100? Fine by us, just get in touch!
  • Send and control many shipments at a time.
  • Put as many loggers as you wish in your container/fridge/cold room equipment.
  • Looking after other people’s goods (transporter/warehouse)? Get in touch!

Stay in control, from anywhere!

  • Automated reporting

Harness the power of your data!

  • Benchmark your supply chain partners.
  • Uncover patterns and make data-driven decisions to improve your bottom-line.
  • Continuously improve the supply chain process using facts, not gut-feel.
  • Guarantee the accuracy of data capture for compliance reporting.

Affordable and flexible

  • No setup fees.
  • No lock-in contract.
  • Leverage our scale – we negotiate on your behalf to get you the best value.
  • Centralised administration of the platform.

If you are innovating in this space, providing IOT or sensor technology and would like to be part of the journey, reach out!


Define your own requirements

  • Define thresholds for temperature/light/humidity for SMS alerting.
  • Customise trip details by stops, duration, date.
  • Singular view regardless of transit method or logger technology.

Capture various parameters

  • Temperature / CO2 / Humidity / Ethylene levels
  • Shock / Light / Acceleration / Pressure
  • GPS position

Customised implementation:

If your use-case is not listed here or if you need something specific such as access to the data feed for your own Business Intelligence environment, we are more than happy to have chat.

Get in touch with us and let's have a chat.

    About us

    Tracknact is a solution developed by KeyData, an Australia-based company operating since 2013 whose mission is to help Australian businesses create value from their data.
    We also develop specific solutions when we see an opportunity to leverage our expertise in data to improve the world around us.

    Changing is never easy however it is crucial to be able to adapt. We develop solutions that help people do so effortlessly to instigate change within organisations without the usual pains and frictions.


    Data is our bread and butter, and we work with large organisations and very sensitive data, so you can be sure that your data is safe with us

    The Manbulloo experience

    Scott Ledger - Quality and Export Manager

    “During the 2020-21 mango season, Manbulloo successfully tested the platform in collaboration with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. The platform for managing multiple third-party provider technologies was effective and improved communication with our chain partners in overseas markets.


    The agnostic feature of the platform is particularly useful. Data from integrated manufacturers of temperature trackers can be presented in the one platform. There is no need to switch platforms if different trackers are used.


    The dashboard for creating and reporting on tracking events is easy to use. Data from multiple trackers in a shipment are presented together and linked to the location in the supply chain. This enables quick interpretation of the data and decisions about product handling can be made in real time.


    Through improving information flow and more effective use of the monitoring data, the platform will enable us to continue to improve product handling through the chain and deliver more consistent quality to our customers.”